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Signs You Need A Root Canal

What Is A Root Canal?

Root canal treatment is when your dentist removes the infected or inflamed pulp from a painful tooth, cleans and disinfects the inside of the tooth then fills it to preserve the tooth that may have otherwise had to be removed. Root canals are often performed on badly decayed teeth.

It can be difficult to identify whether you need a root canal, as oftentimes there are little to no symptoms until pain starts. Unfortunately, by this stage the issue has become more advanced and needs urgent treatment, this is why it is important you regularly visit your dentist as they are trained to spot early signs that you may need a root canal.

Signs You Need A Root Canal

Persistent Pain

The main indicator that you need a root canal is a sharp pain deep in your tooth that won’t go away. Dental pain should never be ignored as it can be caused by serious oral problems. If the pain is stopping you from drinking and eating you should see your dentist as soon as possible.

Cracked Teeth

You may have cracked or chipped teeth from eating hard food or a sports injury. These cracks can expose the nerves in your teeth and make you more prone to infection. Root canals are an essential procedure because an infection that is present in the root of your tooth can spread and enter your bloodstream which can have catastrophic effects on your health.

Tooth Sensitivity

When your tooth becomes infected you will notice that your teeth become more sensitive to hot and cold sensations. You may experience a dull ache or pain in your tooth when drinking hot or cold drinks. As soon as you notice a sensitivity that is out of the normal for you, you should visit your dentist as this can quickly progress to intense pain.

Tooth Discoloration

Tooth discoloration usually appears due to poor dental hygiene; however, it can also be a sign that you have nerve damage beneath the surface of your tooth. You should arrange an appointment to see your dentist to see if they recommend removing the damaged root to prevent further pain.

If you fear that you may need a root canal, get in touch now to book an appointment.

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