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The Best & Worst Foods For Your Teeth

When we think of the foods and drink we consume, we often consider how they may impact our health. You know how you feel after eating foods high in fat and that too much caffeine sometimes gives you a headache, but we rarely consider what is happening to our teeth and gums when eating throughout the day.

Your teeth are naturally coated with a thin film of bacteria called plaque. When substances high in starch or sugar mix with the plaque, acids form and start to attack your teeth. If your diet consists of a lot of starchy, sugary food then these consistent attacks can start to break down the enamel on your teeth and lead to tooth decay, severe tooth pain and gum disease.

A regular and thorough oral health routine is crucial to healthy teeth and gums, but you can also make sure you are eating foods that are good for your mouth and avoiding the bad foods as much as possible.

Foods That Are Good For Your Teeth

Foods that help you produce saliva (which neutralizes the acids from sugar attacking your teeth) should be a staple in your diet and eaten everyday to help maintain good oral health. Examples are:

· Cheese

· Milk

· Plain yogurt

· Dairy

· Fiber-rich fruit (apples, bananas, strawberries)

· Fiber-rich vegetables (broccoli, carrots, Brussel sprouts)

If you are looking for a healthier alternative to fizzy drinks, green and black teas are good for your oral health as they contain polyphenols. Polyphenols can kill or prevent bacteria growing, very different to sugary beverages.

Even foods that are good for your teeth shouldn’t be left stuck in between your teeth to harbour bacteria. Make sure you are brushing and flossing twice a day and chewing sugar-free chewing gum in between meals to remove any food debris from between your teeth.

Foods That Are Bad For Your Teeth

Foods that are bad for your overall health, the naughty food you eat as a treat, are notoriously bad for your teeth and should be avoided. These include:

· Sticky sweet food (caramels, lollipops, biscuits)

· Starchy foods (bread, crisps)

· Fizzy drinks

· Alcohol

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