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How Do Dentists Treat Gum Disease

We have previously discussed the symptoms of gum disease and how an improved oral health routine can help reverse minor gum disease.

However, gum disease that is left to advance will need professional treatment from a dentist to help treat the infection and prevent tooth loss. The treatment you require will depend on the severity of your gum disease and how far it has progressed at the time of treatment.

Deep Cleaning

Gum disease treatment usually starts with a deep clean of your teeth and gums. Unlike a regular clean you would get from the dentist, a deep clean goes beneath the gum line too. A deep clean of your teeth also involves scraping off tartar found on the surface of the tooth and beneath the gum line, as it is this tartar that irritates and inflames the gums.

A deep clean is essential, especially for those who suffer with gum disease, as there are parts of your teeth that you can’t reach with your everyday brushing and flossing. Areas like these are the most likely to harbour plaque and bacteria which can cause infection.

Root planing

Root planing is the process of smoothing rough spots on the teeth where bacteria can harbour and turn into gum disease. This treatment also helps the gums reattach to the tooth and prevent further gum problems.


Unfortunately, there is no one-size fits all medication that can cure gum disease, but there are some medications that can help aid your dental treatment and treat the infection. These medications include:

· Antibiotics – Oral antibiotics or antibiotic gel is often prescribed after a deep clean to help control and clear up any infection

· Microspheres – Tiny gel capsules which contain antibiotics can be inserted into your gum pockets and slowly release medication over time to remove bacteria and shrink the size of the pocket

· Gum grafting – in cases where your tooth roots may be exposed, a surgeon takes tissue from elsewhere in your mouth and uses this tissue to cover any exposed roots to prevent bone loss and further decay

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