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Invisible Vs Fixed Braces: Which Are Better?

Gone are the days of bulky metal braces in order to improve your smile and get straight teeth.

Orthodontic treatments for braces in Kettering now include highly advanced technologies including Invisalign and Six Month Smiles so that you can get the perfect straight smile discreetly. Depending on the severity and placement of your teeth, invisible aligner braces may be more suitable for you than wire braces that are fitted over your teeth, or vice versa.

Fixed Braces

If you have very crooked, misaligned teeth then fixed braces (which aren’t removed until the course is complete) such as Six Month Smiles are generally the most effective option for you. Fixed braces are able to aid in larger teeth movements, whereas removable aligners are used primarily for small changes.

· Less maintenance than removable braces

· They are fixed so you don’t have to remember to keep them in for the recommended 23 hours per day

· No chance of losing your brace as it is fixed

· Discreet braces that blend in with the colour of your teeth

· Shorter treatment times

Removable Aligners

For those who want to make small changes to their smile completely discreetly with almost no trace of a brace in sight, invisible aligners such as Invisalign are a very popular option. Adult professionals who work in jobs where they are talking to people face to face a lot may not want to feel self-conscious about their braces, with Invisalign there’s nothing to see!

· Clear braces are invisible to the untrained eye

· Can be removed whilst eating

· Easy to clean and maintain

· Patients often feel more confident with invisible braces

· Easy payment options

It is important to pick the right option for you so you get the best value for money and the best results in the right time-frame. Our orthodontic experts will help you select the right braces in Kettering for you, get in touch now!

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