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Teeth Whitening Myths

When considering investing in teeth whitening treatments, you are likely to have done a lot of research online. Unfortunately, there are many articles online that will encourage you to use natural remedies or DIY kits to eliminate stains on your teeth yourself. These guides can be dangerous and negatively impact your oral health.

We’re here to debunk the most common teeth whitening myths and tell you the truth about how teeth whitening works.

Lemons Can Whiten Your Teeth

A common whitening myth is that rubbing fruits high in citric acid, such as lemons or oranges, with baking soda on your teeth will remove stains and bleach your teeth a whiter shade. Whilst consuming fruit as part of a balanced diet is good for your health, citric acid having prolonged contact with your teeth can cause considerable damage to your tooth enamel. Damaged tooth enamel doesn’t grow back and can leave your teeth vulnerable.

Oil Pulling

The process of oil pulling involves swishing coconut oil around your mouth with the claims that it will whiten teeth, lift stains and kill bacteria. These claims are unproven and there is no scientific evidence to suggest you should make this part of your oral health routine.

Permanent Teeth Whitening

Adverts claiming they offer permanent teeth whitening are misleading and wrong. There is no such thing as a ‘permanent’ teeth whitening service, as our teeth naturally come into contact with substances that stain such as coffee and wine. Professional teeth whitening service often some with discoloration top-ups to keep your professional finish lasting longer, but nothing is permanent.

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