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Top Foods That Stain Your Teeth

With teeth whitening becoming more and more popular across all age groups, it is clear that we as a society want brighter and whiter teeth, more so than ever before. Over time our enamel can wear down and make our teeth look less white than we would like, but generally the cause of discoloured and stained teeth are the foods and drinks we consume.

What Causes Stains?

Foods with strong colours are usually the culprits that are staining your teeth, similar to how brightly coloured food and drink stain your clothes or carpet. Acids in what we consume wear down the enamel and enable stains to embed deeper into your enamel.

Foods To Avoid

Here are the most notoriously staining foods and drinks you should avoid/limit to prevent staining:

· Tea and coffee – both drinks are high in the substance tannin, which causes stains. To minimise your risk of staining, add more milk to your drinks or cut down your intake

· Red wine – an occasional tipple is fine, but due to the high pigment of this drink, regular intake will definitely cause staining

· Juice – Juices that contains dark coloured fruits such as grape and blueberry

· Fizzy cola – the dark pigment plus acid within the drink itself which attacks your enamel is staining waiting to happen. You should drink cola infrequently and make sure you brush straight afterwards.

· Curry – containing bright, vibrant colours within spices such as turmeric, curries can stain your teeth an embarrassing shade of yellow

How To Prevent Tooth Staining?

· Cut back on consuming the above listed foods and drinks

· Be mindful of what you are eating

· Drink water after drinking or eating anything high in pigment

· Use a drink when drinking drinks such as cola or juices

· Chew sugar free gum

· Eat a good diet of fruit and veg (they are effective natural stain removers)

· Brush your teeth twice a day, more if required

· Visit your dentist regularly

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