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What Causes Gum Pain & How To Treat It

Your gums play a vital role in keeping your teeth in the correct position and protecting your jawbone. However, gums can be sensitive and gum pain is often a sign of a larger issue.

Gum pain has many different causes and can occur in people of all ages but it is more common in older people.

The most common causes of gum pain are:


If you are a regular smoker, you are constantly surrounding your teeth and gums with harmful chemicals such as tar and nicotine. These substances are extremely irritating to the gums and can cause pain.

Poor Oral Health

If you do not follow a proper oral health routine by brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing before bed, you likely have poor oral health and are at risk of tooth infections and cavities which will cause gum pain.


Depending on your family history, some people are more likely to develop gum problems due to genetics. You are far more likely to experience gum problems if you have an autoimmune disease, as this disease causes the body to attack its own tissue which can damage your gums.

Treating Gum Pain

If you suspect that your gum pain is due to an infection or poor oral health, you should book a check-up with your dentist for the appropriate course of action. Otherwise, there are different methods of pain relief to soothe your gums:

· Use a cold compress on your gums to create a numbing sensation

· Swill your mouth with salt water to reduce/kill infection

· Rub clove oil on the affected area of your gums to reduce pain

· Take over the counter painkillers

· Use a mouthwash specific to gum pain

If your gum pain persists you should visit your dentist.

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