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What Do Dentists Check For At A Dental Check-Up?

We all know how important it is to visit out dentist every 6 months for a check-up, but what is your dentist actually looking for? Dentist are specially trained to detect oral health problems as well as general overall health problems which show symptoms within your mouth.

Keep reading to discover the most common things dentists can detect at your visit:

Tooth Decay

One of the first things your dentist looks for during your dental check-up is tooth decay. Tooth decay causes cavities in your teeth which will need to be filled in order to protect the nerves in your teeth that can cause you pain. A dentist uses specialist tools to identify tooth decay further back in your mouth that you may not be able to see yourself. As well as identifying tooth decay, dentists also check for signs of weakened enamel which if left untreated can develop into cavities.

Gum Disease

Many people focus on keeping their teeth healthy and white; however, the gums can sometimes be overlooked. If your gums get infected and are left untreated, this can lead to a large array of oral health problems including gum disease or even tooth loss. Your dentist will inspect your gums for any signs of swelling or recession and if gum disease is present, they will put a plan in place to treat the infection.


Whilst assessing your oral health, your dentist will also check for any cosmetic issues that you may want to address. Your dentist may highlight areas of discolouration or staining that you may want removed or teeth that have shifted out of place and may require a brace. If you have had poor oral health and a large amount of plaque of your teeth, you may have tartar build up that can stain teeth overtime. Cosmetic treatments are increasingly popular and your dentist will likely have some affordable payment plans.


Symptoms of oral cancer can be found on the gums, cheeks and tongue. The earlier oral cancer is detected the better for treatment and recovery. If your dentist notices any potential issues, you may undergo x-rays or be referred to your GP.

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