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What Should I Do If I Knock Out A Tooth

If you knock a tooth out, this is considered a dental emergency. Whether or not you can save your tooth depends on how quickly you act, so it is crucial you know what to do in this emergency situation.

You should call your usual dental clinic immediately to get booked in for an emergency appointment. If you aren’t registered at a dental clinic, call NHS 111 for advice on where you can get urgent dental care. If you are in the Kettering area, we are accepting new patients! Contact us to register at our surgery.

If you have lost a tooth:

1. Do not touch the root of the tooth. Ensure you hold the tooth by the crown, the part you usually see when you smile

2. If the tooth has fallen onto the ground and is dirty, clean it by licking it or rinsing under cold water for 10 seconds to remove any debris

3. Try to fit the tooth back in the gum

a. If the tooth does not go back into the gum easily:

i. Place the tooth in milk

ii. Place the tooth in saliva

iii. Keep the tooth in your cheek until your emergency dental appointment (this step is not suitable for young children)

4. If the tooth fits back into the gum, gently bite down a clean cloth or flannel to keep the tooth in position


Once at the dentist, your dentist will clean the tooth and move it into the correct position in the gum. To secure the tooth in place, they will use a splint to fix the tooth to the surrounding teeth. You will be invited back after a few weeks to get the splint removed.

If you can’t find the tooth that was knocked out or the tooth is badly damaged, you will have the option to have your tooth replaced with a false tooth. Options include a denture, a bridge or a dental implant.

Have you knocked out a tooth? Call us now on 01536 512 046 to get an emergency appointment.

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