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Why Do Wisdom Teeth Get Removed?

Although 35% of people are born without wisdom teeth, the 65% of people than do often complain about their wisdom teeth causing them pain and many of us have to have them removed. But why do wisdom teeth get removed so often?

Discover the most common reasons that wisdom teeth are removed...


Due to the position of your wisdom teeth at the back of your mouth, they are more prone to cavities as they are harder to clean thoroughly. As you cannot visually inspect them easily and notice any changes, cavities can develop easily. Wisdom teeth that are partially impacted (have only partially cut through the gum) are at a higher risk of cavities as bad bacteria can get trapped between the tooth and gum and cause infection.


When a wisdom tooth is partially impacted, the flap of gum covering part of the tooth can be problematic. Food and bacteria can get stuck behind the gum and cause a dangerous infection called pericoronitis, it is this infection that causes most people to need their wisdom teeth removed.

Tooth Ache

People with impacted wisdom teeth often get their wisdom teeth removed as they experience severe tooth pain when surrounding teeth press against the wisdom tooth. Some people can have an impacted wisdom tooth and experience no pain at all, in these cases the tooth wouldn’t be removed until/if the tooth causes pain.


Sometimes when your wisdom teeth partially or fully cut through the gum, they push against your surrounding teeth and cause them to shift and removed crooked. Crooked and crowded teeth make your teeth more prone to cavities and infection. In order to straighten your teeth, you will have to get braces and remove the wisdom teeth so they don’t continue to move your teeth.

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