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Why Regular Dental Check Ups Are Important

To ensure your teeth and gums remain healthy and clean, it is essential you attend regular dental check-ups. It is recommended that you visit your dentist every 6 months, or more frequently if your dentist recommends so. If you notice a change in your gums or teeth that doesn’t feel right, you should see your dentist as soon as possible.

What Happens At A Dental Check-up?

During your appointment your dentist will inspect your teeth and check for any cavities and tooth decay. Your dentist will check between and behind your teeth to identify any plaque or tartar build up that can cause infection and gum sensitivity. Next, they will look at your gums and see if there are any signs of gum disease.

Once they have finished inspecting your teeth, they will remove any harden tartar with their specialist tools. Tartar cannot be removed by brushing and flossing alone, so only a dentist can do this.

Your teeth will then be cleaned and any plaque will be removed to prevent further tartar build up.

How To Take Care Of Your Teeth Between Visits

After your dental check-up, your teeth will feel very clean and like brand new – now you should maintain them. Plaque is constantly forming on your teeth and needs to be controlled by regularly brushing and flossing before it turns into something more serious.

In-between visits you should:

· Brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste

· Floss daily (before bed)

· Use mouthwash to control plaque and kill any bad bacteria in the mouth

If it has been a while since you saw the dentist, or you need to book a check-up, book an appointment now.

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